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Whether you are installing a new ceramic tile floor or replacing an old one this report will take you step by step through installation process. The following instructions are basic and are designed for most common installations.

What Tools are Required?

1. Tiles - Both full tiles and trim tile
2. Tile Spacers
3. Setting material- thin set, mastic or adhesive
4. Sanded Grout for grout joints over 1/8 inch.
5. Level
6. Rags
7. Sponges-get several large sponges

8. Notched trowel
9. Grout Float
10. Tape measure
11. Rubber mallet
12. Hammer
13. Putty knife
14. Several Buckets
15. Safety glasses
16. Knee pads for floor work
17. Tile cutter- these can be rented
18. Square
19. Tile nippers
20. Pliers
  • Preparing the Surface
  • Laying out the tile pattern
  • Setting the floor tile
  • Grouting
  • Polish



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