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Marble is generally stereotyped as a brittle stone. This is true of some but not all of these stone tiles. Veins in the marble will affect its density, the more veins the more chance of breaking during installation.
Marble is used for many applications: inside, outside, shower walls and floors,& vanity tops. Some of these tiles require more effort and emphasis on sealing and resealing, but if kept up with, marbles will stand the test of time as well as most other stones.

Marbles come in a variety of colors and patterns. Most marbles come polished (shiny) but can be 'acid washed' to strip the stone of its shine. This is commonly used in tub surround and shower applications to hide the water spots.
A shiny marble in the shower will appear to have more film on it than a honed marble. High traffic areas will often be installed using a matte finished marble to hide scratching and scuffing.
A hallway installed using a polished stone will appear dull in its traffic area over time much like carpet will mat in those high traffic areas.



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