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With the number of countertop choices growing, you can mix and match materials to create a unique combination of colors, textures, and functions.

The countertop edge should complement the style of the kitchen. Rounded edges -- bullnose and waterfall -- provide the most comfort and are less likely to cause bumps and bruises than a squared-off edge.

A practical option with laminate is the no-drip waterfall edge. The counter surface rises up before the edge, preventing spills from dripping onto the floor.

Solid surface counters are easily shaped, so edges can be ordered in almost any style, from detailed ogees to simple bevels.
Stone and engineered stone can be cut into almost any type of edge, although softer stones allow fewer choices.

In addition to a variety of other edges, metal countertops can have a raised "V" edge to keep spills on the counter.

You can get any kind of edge you want with wood, which can be milled into unlimited shapes. But it's important to note that a very intricate edge detail could be difficult to keep clean if food gets trapped in cracks.

Tile is a special case. At its simplest, a tile edge can be straight, with two flat tile edges meeting at the corner, but that leaves a sharp front edge that's prone to chipping. It's better to use special edge tiles that wrap around the corner for a smoother look. The availability of these special edge tiles varies by manufacturer.

From a simple square edge to the more complex ogee, there is more choice here than you might expect.



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